Friday, June 1, 2007

Cedilla / Cedilha Problem (ć to ç)

a very common problem to Brazilian users with U.S. International keyboard. Still with the problem on Feisty...
When you press ' + c you get ć instead of ç.

Edit as super user the file "
/etc/gtk2.0/gtk.immodules" and replace

"cedilla" "Cedilla" "gtk+" "/usr/share/locale"


"cedilla" "Cedilla" "gtk+" "/usr/share/locale"


Gerson said...

The lines are the same. ?!!

Gerson said...

It is messing "en" in the correct line.

cedilla" "Cedilla" "gtk20" "/usr/share/locale" "az:ca:co:fr:gv:oc:pt:sq:tr:wa:en

Keyser Soze said...

The post is absolutely correct! But be aware that, in the new versions of Ubuntu Hardy Heron this file is located in a different place:


henrique said...

I couldn't edit the files because they are auto-generated.
I found in a site that
Right Alt + Comma = ç
.. and it worked!