Friday, June 1, 2007

Great Programs to start

Some programs to make the system usable.

beryl emerald emerald-theme - Graphical enhancements;
tilda - Amazing terminal program that brings you the terminal with a single keystroke;
amarok - Music Player;
k3b - CD/DVD burner;
wine - Run your Windows programs on Linux;
vlc - Video Player;
beagle - Desktop search engine;
checkgmail - Stay up-to-date with your Gmail messages;

To install any of these programs
sudo aptitude update sudo aptitude install "program"

Or, to install them all!
sudo aptitude install beryl emerald emerald-theme tilda amarok k3b wine vlc beagle checkgmail

Remember to put tilda, beryl-manager and checkgmail commands on System / Preferences / Sessions / Startup Programs. This will make these programs to start after reboot.

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